Saturday, December 11, 2010

Selfishness Matters a Bestseller!

December 04/2010

Selfishness Matters a Bestseller!
The literary community was rocked today when it learned that within days of its release, Selfishness Matters became a bestseller! Theo Selles, the author of the proclaimed self-help parody book said that he’d never written a book before "so ipso facto and ergo." When asked what those words meant, Mr. Selles said, “I have no idea.” Mr. Selles added that he couldn’t really describe how it felt to become an overnight success “because, after all, it happened while I was sleeping. And when I woke up, I could hardly tell the difference.” Between the time of the hysterically funny book’s release and just a few sleeps, 14 (fourteen) copies of the book (5 to one friend) were sold and distributed to as far away as California.

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