Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caught in the Act!

Sordid details continue to emerge concerning the alleged inappropriate behavior of Mr. Ziggy J. Selles! Mr. Selles, a King Charles Cavalier/Poodle cross, has been accused of repeatedly making unwanted advances toward a Mr. “Little Piggy” at a Selfishness Matters book launch party imagined by The Scoop to be a drunken orgy of excess. The Scoop was able to obtain this photograph of Mr. Piggy being advanced upon by Mr. Selles! Dr. Thornton Dsm the Fourth, The Scoop's in-house Psychiatrist, has been able to ascertain from the photograph that Mr. Selles appears to demonstrate sinister intent, and could very well suffer from a variety of psychiatric disorders! Security and loyalty in the Selfishness Matters camp is notoriously tight, but one unidentified witness did describe the Cavi Poo’s behavior to be “salacious!” To make matters worse, it appears that “Little Piggy” is either a minor, or a very little person! Mr. Piggy has not made a public comment, although he has been seen blowing people kisses, which Dr. Dsm considers could be a maladaptive memory suppression coping mechanism. Stay connected to The Selfish Scoop. More dramatic news to follow!

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