Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sales of Selfishness Matters Skyrocket!

Sales of the sensational self-help parody book Selfishness Matters skyrocketed after a successful book signing event and subsequent book launch party this weekend. The excitement began when a doting public met the author, Theo Selles, at Books Galore in Port Perry. Book store owner, Bill Minors, (pictured with Mr. Selles) might have mused to himself that serious jostling occurred and may even have considered calling in anti-terrorist g20-seasoned police for crowd control! Mr. Selles enthused that “Sales of Selfishness Matters have at least tripled from 14 to 32!” When challenged, Mr. Selles acknowledged he'd “never been good at math” but still maintained that 32 was a lot more than 14, and he anticipated even greater success with more newspaper stories and book-signing events being scheduled “even as we speak.” Stay connected to The Selfish Scoop. More dramatic news to follow!

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