Friday, December 24, 2010

Loch Ness Monster in Author's Office!

Scientists from all over the world are converging on the sleepy town of Port Perry after an image of the Loch Ness Monster turned up in the office of Selfishness Matters author Theo Selles! The Bullshitzer Prize winner turned this photograph over to The Scoop early this morning. Mr. Selles said he took the picture after hearing “a noise in the middle of the night.” The Scoop’s in-house Marine Biologist, Dr. Coraline Kelp, was unable to rule out an appearance by “Nessie” in a house in Port Perry, saying, “Look, we truly know very little about it. We don’t know if it can fly. So until we know more, it’s just as reasonable to believe that it could turn up in someone’s office as any other place.” The Scoop has cross referenced the picture with file photos, and what can be known for certain is that the author’s Bullshitzer Prize can clearly be seen in the background proving potential authenticity without a doubt! Not everyone is enthusiastic about this story. Noted media skeptic, Mr. Qualm Naysayer, declared, “This is nothing but a blatant attempt by Mr. Selles to divert attention from his dog’s legal issues!” Stay connected to The Selfish Scoop. More dramatic news to follow!