Saturday, May 28, 2011

Self-help Guru refuses to say if s/he is a Boy or a Girl!

Theo Selles, famed author of self-help parody book Selfishness Matters, has created a worldwide tsunami of controversy and debate by declaring that s/he will no longer tell people whether s/he is a boy or a girl! Furthermore, Mizzter Selles has put the planet on notice that effective immediately s/he has changed herim’s name to “Thunder”. When asked why, Mizzter Selles said, “Because it’s cool”. Recognizing the need for professional clarity, The Scoop turned to in-house Genderologist Dr. Ima Blankslate for answers. Dr. Blankslate illuminated the issue thusly: “This is perfectly normal though it is important to know that there is no real ‘normal’ and one should avoid making any judgments about behavior which may or may not be a choice, is biologically and/or/neither socially determined, and is certainly natural since being unnatural is impossible because perceiving someone as acting unnaturally is wrong though ‘wrong’ itself as a concept is inappropriate as it hints at the possibility of the existence of normalcy.” This Scoop reporter has gone back to bed. Stay connected to the Selfish Scoop. More dramatic news to follow!

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