Thursday, January 27, 2011

Selfishness Matters author Challenges Entire Town to Therapy Smack-down!

In an outrageous move possibly calculated to get attention, parody penner Theo Selles has challenged the entire town of Uxbridge to a “Therapy Smack-down!” What started off as a simple book signing has escalated into a contest between the neurosis of town residents and the superior skills of a self-helper determined to overcome them. Mr. Selles, pictured here trying to look ominous, released this statement: “I, Theo Selles, Bullshitzer Prize winning author of the bestselling book Selfishness Matters, challenge you, the messed-up residents of Uxbridge, to bring me your silly relationship and mental health issues and I will neuter you in 5 minutes or less.” When it was suggested to the confident guru that perhaps he meant “fix”, he snapped, “I know what I said!” The smack-down is scheduled for 7 pm on February 8 at Blue Heron Books. One can’t help but wonder if success is starting to go to the author’s head and if he just might be going too far! Stay connected to the Selfish Scoop. More dramatic news to follow!

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